All You Need to Know About Filing Work Injury Claims

by admin on July 15, 2010

Work injury claims result from work accidents that occur due to the employer’s fault. Employees in UK are allowed to file work injury claims provided they meet certain criteria like not being at fault and suffering a personal injury as a result of the work accident. This article will elaborate on some information that all employees should know about filing work accident claims.

After the work accident occurs the claimant must report the accident so that the details are entered into the official work accident book. Failure to do so can affect the ability of the claimant to file work injury claims since there will be no official entry that states that an accident occurred at work. The claimant must also visit a doctor to get his injuries checked as soon as possible so that the injuries do not worsen. Visiting a doctor will also act as proof that the claimant suffered a personal injury. Claimants should note that all injuries must be checked despite the size or severity of the injury. Small injuries should also be checked if the claimant wants to file work injury claims.

The compensation amount will depend on a few factors like the place of injury and the severity of the injury. Claimants who have suffered minor wounds like cuts or bruises will be compensated but for a lesser amount compared to serious injuries like fractures. Claimants with back injuries are often given a large compensation amount since back injuries can lead to permanent damage. Claimants who are permanently disabled due to the work injury will get the highest compensation amount and they may be given additional benefits as well.

If the claimant has missed work due to his injury then he can also get compensated for lost wages. Claimants can also claim for pain or suffering if they can prove that the personal injury greatly inconvenienced the claimant. Since employer’s will try their level best to pay just the basic compensation amount for work injury claims it is important for the claimant to have a strong case so that he gets his rightful compensation. Personal injury solicitors can help claimants get the basic compensation amount along with added benefits by strengthening the case for the claimant. Claimants should remember that settling out of the court is not a good idea if the claimant does not have a personal injury solicitor to represent him since in most cases the employer will try his level best to settle for a low compensation amount. The solicitor should be consulted if the claimant is given any offers and only after the solicitor agrees then the claimant should agree to any offers.

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