Blaming the Worker Safety Program 1955

by admin on December 25, 2010

What is a blame the worker safety program? It is a program implemented by management with the intent to decrease the number of reported injuries and shift responsibility for maintaining a safe workplace from management to workers. Blame the worker programs include: Behavior-Based Safety, Safety Incentives and Injury Discipline. The theory behind these programs is that almost all injuries are caused by worker unsafe acts. The programs attempt to eliminate injuries by reminding workers to work safely. However, Alphonse Chapanis, one of the early leaders in the modern field of ergonomics and human factors engineering, observed: “Everyone, and that includes you and me, is at some time careless, complacent, overconfident, and stubborn. At times each of us becomes distracted, inattentive, bored and fatigued. We occasionally take chances. We misunderstand, we misinterpret and we misread. As a result of these and still other completely human characteristics, we sometimes do not do things or use things in ways that are expected of us. Because we are human and because all these traits are fundamental and built into each of us, the equipment, machines and systems that we construct for our use have to be made to accommodate us the way we are, and not vice versa.” This is clipped from a corporate safety film which shows a landscape full of risks and dangers, a world where something can happen every day to careless people. In the age-old tradition of holding workers (rather than

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