Car Accident Claim-Settlement Case-Personal Injury:Please read. Thanks in advance!?

by admin on May 26, 2010

Car accident?Personal injury settlement worth? Just give an estimate. Thanks in advance.?
I was driving home with 5 year old when a truck hit us in the back while taking an exist. The car hit us 3x (the first struck was in the back) The second was in the side since my car shifted) and (the third was on the same side driver’s and my daugther in the back was sitting while pushing us off the ramp) Well, the truck driver stayed driving and never stopped. It was rainy and many cars weren’t around. I realized when trying to calm myself and my daugther that the truck driver wasn’t stopping. I got my phone called 911 and tried so hard to chase the truck driving even though I could feel the damage in the car. Luckily, because of the rain and slow of traffic, I was able to describe his location and the police met him there. He managed to lie to the state police by saying he didn’t see him and he was carrying a big load to even notice. While he got away with a hit and run, his insurance company was planning to get away with more as well, An adjuster came out from their company and tried to say that my damages where damages there previously next to there’s. Along with the crap, I retained an attorney. So far he is taking care of everything while I have been seeking treatment for me and my daugther. I have back, neck and knee pain. Plus I bagged my head so hard I can’t stop getting constant migrates. My physical therapy is helping and I am part time instead of full time. The accident occurred on 6/15/09. My daugther is also in a lot of pain such as her back and legs. She is also seeking therapy and has a major phobia/anxiety when she gets in any car now. She makes herself throw up and urinates every time she gets in a car. I managed not to miss any work since my work does not accept any lateness and being a single mom, I scarified putting someone else in my daughter’s care then myself. Hopefully, after more x rays-muscle spams and tissue strain is healing so as soon as my treatments stop…We are also fighting the property damage (my car) along with this medical/pain and suffering suit. It will take a while especially after all treatment is completed. I am just asking for an estimate of how much do you think this is worth. Thanks for your comments, suggestions and answers. I would just like an estimate….I know thing is actual and calcuated different state to state especially based on injury. The car is 1993 Honda and its a total loss and I would just like an estimate for what you think the settlement may be. Thanks in advance.

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Robert W May 26, 2010 at 11:52 pm

hard to say? a lot depends on the court and how bad you were hurt, and your lawyer? you could be out of work for years or totally? then there are things like emotional distress or reoccurring nightmares? your daughters problems about cars too? may take years to get over or never?? don’t forget pain and suffering you are going thru now? for how many more years?? best thing is let your lawyer handle everything i am shure he will get the max for you!

mbrcatz May 26, 2010 at 11:52 pm

You already asked this.

No one here could estimate it. Mental issues aren’t covered, and you have no serious injuries.

Your attorney is probably screwing you , because he gets his cut first – you’ll probably end up not getting enough to cover all the medical bills.

In many states, you wouldn’t be entitled to any pain & suffering, because, well, you don’t have serious injuries.

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