Fired for trying to receive workers compensation?

by admin on January 18, 2011

I got hurt at work nearly two weeks ago.When injured I did not know the extent of my injury until I was sent home.I went to the Emergency room not knowing and not being told that I had to see the company’s doctor.The Emergency room doctor told me that I had chipped some bones in my leg and when I notified the store manager she said see you next week.A couple days later the main manager who worked for the main store and have never met called me and demanded to know why I was not at work.I explained to her my situation.She demanded to know why I have not seen their Doctor I explained to her that I was not advised I was suppose to do so and that in fact I have seen a Emergency room doctor she then said that doctors opinion did not count and then applied that I was trying to avoid a drug test that I never even was advised of.At that point in time they offered me a ride since I do not have a vehicle and their doctor was in another city.Never was this offered to me to begin with.Their doctor claims that their was no chipped bones without even doing a xray.Since I been given the run around about who I was suppose to talk to about my workers compensation.I talked to workers compensation and they informed me that they owe me for time off all my hospital bills and gas since I was getting rides from family across city lines.She said she did not have to do anything for me turned the conversation very hostile and started saying Poor me Poor me is all Im hearing from you at that point in time I hung up the phone it was better then yelling at her.Today when I went into work I was told I did not have my job any more.Im still hurt they wont pay for me to see the doctor anymore Im going to have a hard time finding another job because of my injury and this woman was completely out of line and I feel as if I was fired for asking questions about workers compensation to a completely crappy Company that does not treat their employees fairly.I have advised a attorney and will be calling them back monday.Does anyone have any other advice for me? I know this story is a little hard to follow Im just very upset I have two children and Im hurt with no job. Thank you in advanced
I’m telling you what worker compensation said to me I’m not telling you at all how they run.We are looking for answer for help only please thanks again
I did not get any kind of handbooks or paper work because although I have been working at this store for a while I didn’t attend orientation until after the injury.I got sent home by the manager at the time of injury and almost immediately went to the ER.They did ask me if I needed to see a doctor I said that I was not sure but never said anything about having to see their doctor.At the time of injury I did sign a piece of paper claiming that I was injured

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    ivan dog January 18, 2011 at 9:25 am

    if you are in contact with an attorney they will tell you what you need to do now


    heres some questions for you… did you at the time of your hiring see any type of employee handbook about company guidelines?
    and if you did see such material after reading it did you sign anything stating that you read it?

    if you did any of those things… then this could get bad for you, because the company can say you were aware of your need to see the company physician before seeking outside medical care or to be seen by their doctor within a certain amount of time for drug screening

    ok, now… another question.. who sent you home after the accident?
    or did you finish off the work day then go home in pain, and later went to emergency room?
    did you notify anyone of authority at the time of the accident that you had been injured?

    if.. a person of authority sent you to the emergency room and did not relate to you the need to see company doctor first, then that helps you

    if… you finished off the work day then later went to ER, this hurts you
    if… you did not notify anyone immediately at time of accident about the injury, this hurts you

    Landlord person doesnt know what she is talking about… that is exactly what workers comp. does, it gets you paid for medical bills and reimbursment of mileage to and from doctor visits, and for loss time from work
    of course you wont see any money from the empoyer directly it comes from an insurance pool, and at first you will only get a weekly or bi-weekly check for loss time from work, then once the case is ready to be closed a percent of loss amount will be worked up and the comp. judge will issue a statement about your percent of loss and whether or not you will receive further payment, or if you will just have that injury covered medically for the rest of your life, or some combination of that

    Bibigirl January 18, 2011 at 9:25 am

    Time to get a lawyer.

    seth January 18, 2011 at 9:25 am

    If you have an attorney do not worry. You’ll be fine, they’re in the wrong if all of what you have said is true.

    Landlord January 18, 2011 at 9:25 am

    It is really confusing because workman’s comp does not work the way you are claiming it does at all.

    Its best to just pay your attorney, I am not sure what your legal issue is at all.

    ladystang January 18, 2011 at 9:25 am

    get a lawyer

    daisey fowles January 18, 2011 at 9:25 am

    I found the details explained really clearly on the suggestions on links third and tenth here –

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