How much should i settle my auto injury claim for? please someone help me out!?

by admin on November 1, 2010

Question Details: i had an acccident about a year and half ago and i was a passenger. i have no health insurance and have been footing all medical bills thus far. i am writing a demand letter right now but am wondering how much should be my compensation request.
here’s a brief summary. the other driver is at complete fault. i have all soap notes from doctors,bills and reports. we were hit head on while on our way to my root canal surgery, i was having my permanent put in. i had to go in 2 weeks later wearing a cervical collar. i have choronditis, back sprains and horrible knee contusions still left on my foot. my doctor has recommended physical therapy for up to 3 months but i can’t afford to go anymore thus why i am trying to settle.
total medical bills is about 12,000 not including other misc like pills.
i just don’t want to ask too high or be taken for a fool,so please help. thanks.
also the insurance company has never made an offer they said it was a hard hit. both cars in
honey luv. thx. yes i have police reports, soap notes from doctors, medical reports, er report, all bills, xray files and copies. it is other driver’s fault b/c of failure to yield. this was a head on accident and occurred early morning. would i be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses and should i include that in my medical expenses or not?
is it too late for pain and suffering? i had someone tell me it was.

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thesoapgoatsoapshop November 1, 2010 at 12:11 am

Best thing to do it GET A LAWYER.
The insurance agency is looking to pay you as little as they can. They act as though they care, but really, they don’t.
Scout out lawyers, don’t settle for the first one – do some research on them….but GET ONE.
I was in an auto accident and the insurance company wanted me to settle for $5 grand and no future medical bills paid. Which would have been a shame had I settled then as I’ve had 13 operations since the accident.

Honeyluv November 1, 2010 at 12:11 am

Bumble, did you see advice of an attorney? Did the other driver and/or his insurance company admit faut to the accident? Did you obtain a police report?

I would really need the answers to this question to help make a determination. But most important, if the other driver accepted responsible to the accident.

Considering this has been over a year ago, I am also concerned that the insurance company has not contacted you at all to provide some relief, ie. PIP claim/support.

Settlement should automatically pay for all medical bills incl pills then punitive damages to you, roughly 5k10k.

Good luck!

barb s November 1, 2010 at 12:11 am

My son had the same kind of car accident. Hit head-on, on the highway. The woman who hit them died at the scene. My son was a passenger in the pickup truck. Both in the truck suffered serious injuries.
You need to get a Personal Injury Lawyer. Here in Canada, you have 2 years to file a lawsuit, after that it’s too late. Our lawyer hasn’t asked us for a penny, and he’s been working on the lawsuit for almost 3 yrs. The lawyers take a percentage off whatever you get for your claim. Usually 25%. Or 33% if it goes to court. Alot of people think a lawyer just takes all your money, but that’s not true. They work very hard to get you the best settlement possible.
Good luck

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