Please repond to my issue regarding bulging disk, disk dessication, annual tear in lumbar: Workers Comp?

by admin on October 11, 2010

I am been dealing with workers compensation for over 2 yr regarding my neck and upper back. The only treatment i am receiving right now is Chiro. Due to the horrific pain I went in to my own personal physician to seek help for the pain. I was referred out to have an MRI done which show i have 2 bulging disk in my neck at c5/c7 which flatten the cervical spinal cord causing mild central canal stenosis and mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing, left greater than right. .Which is anyone can explain that line above i would appreciate that .I also have a annual tear in my lumbar that was also discover thru the MRI’s and was told by QME doctor that since this was not a complaint when i filed a claim although it was discover now thru the mri’s just as the bulging disk also. He said I have to handle my lumbar issue on my own. Can any respond on that? Why one i have workers comp doctors treating my for one part of my back and my personal dr treating me for my lumbar? I know the injuries occured on the job. It sounds like to many hand in the same pot. I dont feel comfortable have to different people working on my back. Is is okay for me to seek an orthopedic surgeon to seek the best treatment? Workers comp want to send me to a pain management doctor to seek epidural first to see if that works with my pain then if not then the next step would be surgery. When i go in to see the ortho speicalist will he see me since it is workers comp injury? Since he specialize in this i feel he would be able to give me more on my issue than when i get in to see the pain management doctor for workers comp. Is is wrong seeking help thru my private insurance since i have not getting anywhere yet with workers comp? I am waiting my qme report for a referral to the pain management.

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Da Bomb October 11, 2010 at 1:30 am

You have every legal right to go to your own physician. He will correspond with your workman’s comp. doctor. Epidurals work well to relieve pain & reduce inflammation. My friend had bulging disc from a fall & physical therapy helped greatly. This can be healed, but it takes time. You have one body – do the best you can for it. Don’t let the chiropractor twist your neck for ANY reason! Too many nerves & blood vessels run through the small neck & can be damaged.
I am recovering from back surgery & it is the last resort – believe me! Good luck!

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