What if it's the HR manager that's being odd?

by admin on April 5, 2011

What does an employee do if the HR MANAGER is the one who is making an employee uncomfortable?

I started with a part time job on the 21st of March. Due to an injury (not work related) I missed a few days (non consecutive) from work. I discussed these absences with the owner.

This is not a large company. The HR manager is delegated those responsibilities for 1099’s, I-9’s, W2 and W4 responsibilities.

Oddly, his personality seemed to have shifted toward me for some unknown reason. I have no idea what I might have done to cause any difficulty between us.

One afternoon, the HR manager and the owner were casually talking in the owner’s office. It’s not far from my assigned desk. Also, the way the offices are laid out, I can HEAR almost everything that goes on in the owner’s office. While the HR Manager/Accountant and the owner were talking, I heard my name being discussed. Naturally, my attention piqued to hear the conversation. What I heard was kind of mean-spirited…

The HR manager said something (using my name) to which is when I started overhearing more. HR/Manager said "she’s odd…" (Meaning me — I suppose.)

The owner of the company replied. "My name — eh….I guess. A little high-maintenance…"

The way the offices are laid out is in such a way that conversations tend to be heard in my area very well. It’s the acoustics or something.

I shrugged it off. Generally speaking, I dont really care what people think of me…but since this is a new job, it caused me to feel insecure.

Since that day, the HR manager has just been overtly rude. Twice he has been rude directly to me.

As it turns out, a day or two later, I tripped over a computer cable and fell to the ground. I popped back up, embarrassed and went back to my nearby desk.

I’m a pretty loyal employee. In this economy, I’m grateful for entrepreneurs like my boss who have the moxie to go out there and start new businesses. This company has been in business for 11 years, however, I was hired to help start-up a new area of the business.

I have an interview with another/different company tomorrow. The pay is at least ,000 more and it’s full time (currently working only 30 hours / week with the job with the rude HR guy) and the new job I am interviewing with has health benefits. Clearly, the job opportunity I will interview with is a better situation for me — and, of course, if I am hired with the new company, I will most certainly take that job.

So, my question is: What does one do when it’s the HR manager that’s the problem. That’s a tricky one.

Also, should I just go ahead and make a worker’s compensation claim with them? The reason I had missed a few days from the c urrent job was because I had a back injury (at home) and I feel that the fall in the office of my current job has re-injured me.

The owner saw me when I was all spralled out on the floor from the fall. He did not / has not asked me if I am okay. I’m told by others in business that the owner did himself a favor by NOT asking me — even if it were to be an inquiry out of kindness.

Any thoughts?

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